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Carrie’s podcast The Abnormal Psychologist Giving you the “how to” to get the best out of you?

The abnormal reflects imperfection – that she is a woman, wife and mother before she is a clinical psychologist and therefore has worries and bad days too just like everybody else. However, her clinical knowledge and experience allows her to draw on strategies that she has seen assist others, …and herself. On the podcast she chats about everyday mind, body and life matters to inspire listeners to have the life that they want. There are discussions and interviews around how to improve everyday mental health, nutrition, movement and exercise as well as health and lifestyle product reviews. The interviews are with both everyday people and experts in their field. Carries relaxed conversation with interviewees gives the listener opportunities to reflect on their own experiences and gain insights into strategies to create positive shifts in their lives.

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TAP 68: The Final TAP Episode

TAP has been very important to me but I need to slow down.  I need to practice what I preach - I need to look after myself.  And part of that process of recognising what is really important is letting go of something  - for now - anyway.   I have projects planned and...

TAP 67 : Monica Topliss – Gorgeous Gluten Free Chef

Carrie interviews the innovative chef Monica Topliss - Australia's leading Gluten Free chef and author of Topliss In The Kitchen - about her story and her passion for food.  Monica shares her story and shares her tips and strategies for health and well being....

TAP 66: SPECIAL EDITION: Separation Anxiety

Earlier in the year referrals for Separation Anxiety start to come in.  Carrie shares with you the diagnostic criteria for Separation Anxiety as well as some strategies for parents and carers.

TAP 65: SPECIAL EDITION: Men and Mental Health

After lots of emails requesting more information on men and mental health Carrie has released a special edition on issues effecting men.  This episode includes signs and symptoms, strategies and how to get help.

TAP 64: Leah Hechtman Naturopath Extraordinaire

Leah Hechtman is an extraordinary Naturopath who has an amazing influence on the industry and has even co written a text book that is now used in Naturopathy and Nutrition courses.  Leah is the Director of  The Natural Health and Fertility Centre and was recently the...

TAP 62: Pete Psychologist and Kamilaroi Man

Pete Smith is a psychologist in rural NSW and an Indigenous Australian  He shares with us what it means to be a Kamilaroi man and an understanding of being part of a collective culture.  Pete shares some beautiful wisdom around our interior world, spirituality and...

TAP 59: Carrie on how to survive the festive season

Discussion around surviving your Festive Season.  Such as separating worry from problem solving.  Setting your intentions for who you want to be when interacting with others. Lifeline is available if you need support of 13 11 14

TAP 57: Marcus Pearce on How Do You Fly after a S**t Sandwich

Marcus Pearce CEO of The Wellness Couch and Founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint shares his experiences in creating the How Do You Fly summit.  He interviewed the finest in the health and wellness industry about what's "behind the curtain"  and how they rebuilt...

TAP 54: Dr Justin Coulson and Happy Families

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia's Leading Parenting Experts and he shares with us his parenting journey.  Dr Coulson is brutally honest about his early parenting and how he made profound changes to his life to become a parenting expert.  Lots of great tips for...