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Carrie’s podcast The Abnormal Psychologist Giving you the “how to” to get the best out of you?

The abnormal reflects imperfection – that she is a woman, wife and mother before she is a clinical psychologist and therefore has worries and bad days too just like everybody else. However, her clinical knowledge and experience allows her to draw on strategies that she has seen assist others, …and herself. On the podcast she chats about everyday mind, body and life matters to inspire listeners to have the life that they want. There are discussions and interviews around how to improve everyday mental health, nutrition, movement and exercise as well as health and lifestyle product reviews. The interviews are with both everyday people and experts in their field. Carries relaxed conversation with interviewees gives the listener opportunities to reflect on their own experiences and gain insights into strategies to create positive shifts in their lives.

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TAP 46: Rob Gray Art as Therapy and Art In Therapy

A wonderful chat with Rob Gray about his work as an art therapist and as a psychologist.  He also weighs in on all of this mindful colouring business.  Hear how we can use creativity for our own healing and health.

TAP 45: Dr Claire Merrick being really real!

A lovely chat with Dr Claire Merrick Chiropractor on transformation, being stuck, and surrendering.  Sometimes we don't know the answers - what do we do while we wait for the answers to show up!

TAP 44: Rowena Jayne

The gorgeous Rowena Jayne shares her story about becoming the Real Food Yogi.  Rowena Jayne is a Naturopath, yoga teacher, raw food chef and author of the beautiful book The Joy of Real Food.

TAP 40: Lucy Bouchier from The Brave Exchange

Lucy shares with her journey of self discovery from the corporate PR world, to Cambodia and now to coaching others.  Lucy shares her experiences of depression and how she improved her mental health and went on to thrive and share her strategies with others.

TAP 38: Nat Cook on Beauty Matters

Listen to my chat with Nat Cook - Beauty Therapist with 25 years experience - about what goes on behind curtains, wax pots and mascara wands.  What is our perception of what beauty means too us.

TAP 33: Tim Carey on Perception

Tim Carey is a Clinical Psychologist and the Vice President of the Australian Psychological Society and Director for the Centre of Rural and Remote Mental Health in Alice Springs.  Tim shares some interesting insights about Perceptual Control Theory and his work...

TAP 31: Carrie Answers Your Questions about OCD

Today I talk generally about OCD - what are the differences between doing a bit of checking and the diagnostic criteria for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I also briefly mention the recent suicide of my friend.  If you need support please call Beyond Blue 1300 22...